Budding Landscapes



Landscapes for Life:  design, build, maintain spaces for a lifestyle of sustainability.

Plant Care/People Care/Soil Care


Ecology is everywhere.  Choices in the garden and landscape reflect careful consideration of the health of the soil, local wildlife, residents of the home and yard, and our carbon footprint today and beyond.

                       Best Practices


Drawing solutions from the most progressive and ecologically conscientious practices in landscaping and gardening:  permaculture, edible landscaping, native plant selection and pollinator friendly gardens.

Since 2009

 Our landscapes, no matter how big or small, are part of a larger world. We provide options to achieve personal sanctuary while nurturing the ecosystems in which we live, both locally and globally. The options are plentiful to create gardens of abundance and beauty.


Working together

Invite us into your yard and let's discover how our expertise may serve your wishes